Warframe Open World Expansion Plains of Eidolon Coming This Year

Warframe Open World Expansion Plains of Eidolon Coming This Year

Warframe is recieving a "game changing" expansion by the end of this year.

The free-to-play hit Warframe is receiving a brand new expansion titled Plains of Eidolon. The new content is seeking to add open world elements to the already vast universe of the game. With up to 50 players and multiple mission objectives, the expansion is designed to function as an open-word social hub that allows players to buy and sell items to vendors as well as take on missions outside of town. All of this is coming to Warframe by the end of this year.

Players can group up, as they normally would, with four players, to take on these missions in the open world. The update is aimed at surprising even the oldest of Warframe players both aurally and visually:

“From the mixed designs on villager clothing to the piercing volumetric lighting, which changes during the newly implemented diurnal cycle, to the groups of kids running around the dirt, wearing masks of the Warframes they idolize and the Grineer they hate, we hope that Plains of Eidolon will surprise veteran players, Acoustically, our sound team has created a cacophony of sound effects that will grab players’ attention as they walk through the Bazaar, with sounds ranging from close-up conversations, to obscure tribal music seeping through the soundscape, to the clatter of tools, all layered into the background.”

These “landscapes” will allow players to discover a town filled with NPCs with their own unique stories and quests. These quests will reward players with new warframes, new weapons, and the ability to fly throughout the world in their archwings, flight suits that were previously only allowed in space missions.

Since launching back in November of 2013, Warframe has undergone updates, but none as large as Plains of Eidolon. The expansion will be coming to PC and PS4 by the end of this year. You can check out a few screenshots and a trailer below, alongside a second trailer showing the cinematic quest The Sacrifice, and a 17 minute-long gameplay demo of the expansion.