Warframe Sister Of Parvos - All Tenet Weapons And How To Get Them

Get all the Tenet weapons from Sister of Parvos

The latest Warframe update titled Sister of Parvos has arrived with a bunch of new characters including Yareli and new Tenet weapons.

Apart from the new aquatic frame Yareli, you’ll also find a new Corpus Lich System with new weapon rewards. But we shall talk more about the new weapons in this update.

The Sister of Parvos yield Tenet weapons that have been bestowed by Parvos Granum himself. There are a total of 8 such weapons that you can obtain.

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Warframe Profile | Yareli – Coming July 6 To All Platforms

Warframe Profile | Yareli – Coming July 6 To All Platforms

What Are Warframe Tenet Weapons?

Tenet weapons are a special variant of existing Corpus weapons in Warframe that are carried by a Sister.

A Tenet variant of a weapon will only provide mastery points once. A second weapon of the same variant but with a different Lich name will not provide extra mastery. They also offer additional bonus damage of one damage type.

These weapons vary in attributes, dependent on the Sister the player has slain. The Energy Color of each weapon is determined by the elemental bonus that was augmented on the weapon during Sister creation and the progenitor Warframe.

How To Get Tenet Weapons

Players can obtain Tenet weapons only by defeating the Sister who is carrying them.

In case a player has enough weapon slots, they can claim these weapons from their Foundry without needing to fulfill the supposed Mastery Rank requirement on these weapons.

As far as the spawning probability is concerned, all Tenet weapons have an equal chance of spawning from a Sister.

All Tenet Weapons in Sister of Parvos update

Here are all the 8 Tenet Weapons in Sister of Parvos update:

Note: The first three Tenet weapons (Tenet Envoy, Tenet Diplos, Tenet Spirex) are unique to Sisters and are not based on existing Corpus weapons.

1. Tenet Envoy

It is a rocket launcher that is wire-guided for greater accuracy but it travels slowly. The patented Granum Attaché System reloads the weapon when holstered.

2. Tenet Diplos

It is a pair of auto-lock-on, homing-projectile pistols with shoot from-hip for a more conventional pistol experience. The patented Granum Attaché System reloads the pistols when holstered.

3. Tenet Spirax

You can dominate rivals with this pistol’s lightning-fast rail-slugs. Get more headshots to speed up reload on this weapon.

Primary Variants:

4. Tenet Tetra

It is the Parvosian upgrade of the classic Tetra. It has a slower fire rate but comes with a larger magazine. So you can now alt-fire the entire clip as a large burst radius grenade launcher.

5. Tenet Flux Rifle

This modified Flux Rifle has increased fire rate and range. Recharge has been replaced with ammo clips to accommodate greater power needs.

6. Tenet Arca Plasmor

It is the custom variant of a Corpus classic. The staggering blasts from this weapon now ricochet and have a greater range at the cost of a slower fire and reload speed. After using this weapon, surviving enemies are consumed with radiation.

Secondary Variants:

7. Tenet Cycron

It is a reengineered Cycron with refracting energy disc that can split off the main target hitting up to 2 additional nearby targets.

8. Tenet Dendron

The Tenet Dendron was already a ferocious hand cannon, but now it has been made more destructive with the addition of an alternate fire mode that empties an entire clip in one devastating burst.

Tenet Melee Weapons

There are other four melee Tenet weapons in Warframe that cannot be obtained from Sisters:

  • Tenet Exec
  • Tenet Grigori
  • Tenet Agendus
  • Tenet Livia

These Tenet Melee weapons can be bought from Ergo Glast in any Relay for 40 Corrupted Holokeys. You can read more about them here.

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