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Warframe Update 30: Release Date, Call of the Tempestarii, Sevagoth

Everything you need to know about Warframe Call of the Tempestarii update.

April 12, 2021

Warframe players are impatient for the release of the much-awaited Update 30. Initially, devs put out an April 2021 launch window for the update, and now, we finally have an official release date.

The upcoming massive Warframe update is expected to release for Consoles and PC simultaneously. So, if everything goes right, players on all platforms will get to experience all the new content at the same time.

Interestingly, the Call of the Tempestarii quest will be a part of the update. Other than that, a lot of amazing content awaits you in Update 30, and this is everything we know about it.

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Warframe Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii Release Date

After a long tease, developers finally announced on Twitter that the Warframe Call of the Tempestarii update is arriving tomorrow (April 13).

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

As we’ve previously stated, the update will go live for all platforms at the same time. Unfortunately, as of now, we don’t have an exact release time for the update. Anyway, we’ll hopefully get more information on the timing tomorrow.

[UPDATE] – The official Warframe Twitter account has confirmed they are still aiming to get the update out today, however, are having some difficulties with the PlayStation version. You can read the full tweet below.

New Quest, Sevagoth, Railjack, Vala & More

According to the devs, Call of the Tempestarii “will be a shorter quest with a mysterious vessel.” Also, this will be the first lore-heavy quests featuring Railjack. The new Corpus Proxima is already available on PC, but update 30 would finally introduce Railjack on consoles.

What’s even amazing is that the upcoming quest will feature a new character, Vala. The character’s description states that Vala is a Corpus captain who is on a mission to find the Tempestarii. Other than that, we have this incredible music teasing Vala for Update 30.

The new update would also introduce the new Warframe, Sevagoth. Interestingly, he will be tied directly to the upcoming quest.

Other than that, Rhino Dex skin and Mirage Deluxe skin will also be a part of the update. Fortunately, players can win most Dex collection items by completing missions after the update.

So, make sure to log in to Warframe tomorrow if you don’t want to miss out on all the amazing content. In case you want to know more details about Update 30, you can read all of it here.

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