Warframe x Xena, a Surprise Crossover From Gears 5 Dev Spawns Gorgeous Armor Design

Gears of War 5 storyboard and concept artist conceptualized a mashup between Warframe and Xena: The Warrior Princess as tribute to the iconic hero.

A recent Twitter post from Jessie Lam, the cinematic storyboards and concept artist for Gears of War 5, reminds us that industry people can and often recreate and participate in fan creations. In said post, the developer revealed an incredible Warframe design for Xena, the protagonist of Xena: Warrior Princess fame:

Not only is the armor design absolutely gorgeous but Lam even incorporated Xena’s most famous and iconic weapon: the chakram. A circular blade that she would throw at high speeds to take down several enemies at once. Seeing it as the centerpiece of her design is a great tribute to the weapon. Check out the full art below and soak in every loving detail:

During TennoCon 2019, studio Digital Extremes revealed plenty of new gameplay and content for Warframe: Empyrean. Empyrean is Warframe‘s space combat expansion that includes new larger-scale cooperative gameplay with ship-to-ship combat, the new multiplayer Squad Link system, and customizable battleship options.

There were also two new updates available for players on all consoles. The first, Nightwave Series 2, is a free, rotating seasonal system that lets players meet the mysterious emissary and earn Warframe rewards. Each series unfolded over several weeks and told a brand new story. By completing daily and weekly challenges, players were able to unlock limited-time rewards (gear, cosmetics, and more) while experiencing the story as they play. In Series 2: The Emissary players will meet a strange mute child named Arlo who emerges unharmed from the Infestation and brings with him the miraculous ability to heal the sick.

The second is Wukong Prime Access, which granted said access to the the primal trickster storyline and included rewards such as the Zhuge Prime crossbow, the Ninkondi Prime nunchaku, and more.

Nightwave: Series 1 — The Wolf of Saturn Six went live on all Warframe platforms back in February of last year, which introduced a new reward tier system and Wolf Cred. Warframe also released for Nintendo Switch late last year and has reached over 1 million downloads since then.

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