WarGroove Has Already Made Its Development Costs Back After 3 Days; DLC and Updates Are On the Way

Since it debuted at the beginning of the month, WarGroove has already gotten off to a very strong start in an update from Chucklefish.

February 4, 2019

Known by many as a spiritual successor to the beloved Advance Wars series, the turn-based strategy game WarGroove has already made a mark with its charming aesthetic and challenging gameplay, with the game already off to a strong start just a few days after release.

Developer and publisher Chucklefish has released a new blog post following the launch of WarGroove at the beginning of the month, with the company revealed that the game has already recouped its development costs since it released on consoles and PC on February 1, 2019.

Outside of the game’s remarkably strong start just three days after release, Chucklefish outlined a number of the short term and longterm updates and features that players can expect to see down the line for WarGroove.


In the shortterm, Chucklefish detailed that an update is in the works that will primarily give players a variety of post-launch bug fixes and other improvements that the studio wasn’t able to fix prior to the game’s release. However, many of the major ones will be remedied with the game’s first post-launch patch, which is already “submitted and going through approval,” according to the studio.

Outside of that, other quality-of-life improvements and updates are to be expected by players on a longterm basis, including the ability to skip battle scenes more quickly, a toggle for faster map movement, improvements for the game’s multiplayer lobby, and more.

Finally, the blog post from Chucklefish also detailed that outside of more frequent patches and updates, the studio is also looking to explore “a larger content update” (presumably an expansion or other add-on of some sort), “DLC and more,” though more information on this will be provided at a later date.

Overall though, it seems like WarGroove is off to a very good start. For those that have been enjoying the game so far on consoles and PC, luckily it seems like Chucklefish has much more in store for the game in the coming weeks and months since its release, and possibly longer.

WarGroove is available now on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with the game set to release later this year on PS4.

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