Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III’s Eldar Revealed With First Screenshots and Gameplay Video

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III’s Eldar Revealed With First Screenshots and Gameplay Video

Today Sega and Relic Entertainment released the first info, screenshots and gameplay video of the Eldar race in Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III, which will release some time next year exclusively for PC.

Eldar armies operate as a “Swordwind,” using hit and run tactics to strike at the enemy and then fade away.

The Webway: The Eldar build Webway portals on the battlefield, which (with sufficient tech) allow them to relocate their armies. These portals also project a large aura that grants Fleet of Foot (a speed boost) to all Eldar units and increases the regeneration rate on their Battle Focus (a health shield).

Eldritch Storm: The Eldar super-ability is Eldritch Storm, a massive tempest of psychic power. The huge storm slows all enemies within it and then strikes smaller areas with hugely damaging lightning blasts.

Farseer Macha

Macha is an Eldar Farseer, a powerful psyker able to read the future. A veteran of countless battles, she serves on the Biel-Tan Craftworld, striving to find a way to avert the extinction of her people.

Gameplay: Support caster specializing in crowd control. Macha can use her abilities to do damage at range and in melee, or she can plant her Singing Spear on a fixed point allowing her to buff nearby allies, and cast abilities directly from it. However, this leaves her vulnerable.


Psyker Blast: Macha emits a blast of psychic energy around her spear, damaging nearby enemies. If carrying her spear, her attack damage is increased while incoming damage is reduced temporarily. If planted, it creates an aura that grants these buffs to nearby allies.

Temporal Weave: Macha channels a temporal field around herself. Enemies within the area are put into stasis, rendering them invulnerable, untargetable and unable to act. If her spear is planted, Macha will instead create a temporal wall from herself to the spear.

Wraithknight Taldeer

Animated by the Spirit Stone of a mighty Farseer, this Wraithknight wields devastating psychic attacks and a terrifying,
oversized witchblade. Taldeer and her twin brother have sacrificed eternal peace in order to bring this unit onto the battlefield.

Gameplay: Taldeer excels as a line-breaking unit, dealing damage and disrupting the enemy. Her abilities allow her to paralyze enemies or do large amounts of damage to massed forces. However, Taldeer lacks ranged firepower while theses abilities are on cooldown.


Jump: Jumps to a position, dealing damage and knockback, then slides forward dealing additional damage.

Scatter Shield: Taldeer raises a shield that blocks all damage for a duration. This can be activated again to put units in a stasis field.

Eldritch Slash: Projects a psychic image that passes through enemies, slowing them and reducing their damage. After a delay these units take additional damage.

Eldar Units

Dire Avengers: Ranged unit that deals damage in bursts and can throw grenades with knockback, allowing for hit and run tactics.

Howling Banshees: Melee unit that releases a deafening scream when charging, slowing all units in an area.

Dark Reapers: Heavy ranged unit that deals moderate damage to all targets in an area. Must be setup before they can fire.

Rangers: Stealth units that specialize in reconnaissance and sniping enemy infantry from long range.

Shadow Spectres: Skimmer infantry with long range and damage that ramps up over time against a target. Highly effective against armored and air units.

Fire Prism: Grav tank that flies over cliffs and gaps. Long range attack with a delayed secondary explosion that deals damage and knockback.

You can check out all the assets below.