Warhawk: Fallen Star Tournament Starts This Summer

With the world turning to jet-packs to spice up their FPS (see Halo: Reach and Killzone 3 for a couple of examples) it’s great to see the online only competitive multi-player game Warhawk not only drop the price of its Fallen Star map pack to $1.99 US (or €1.99 if you are overseas) but also host a new jet-pack filled tournament as well! Ever want to bail out of a plane and take the fight to ground weapons mid-air? You can if you have this expansion pack. And now you can show others that their air game is trash when you destroy them with a rocket launcher on a jet-pack and both of your plane goes smashing into the mountains. Check out the official statement from C. Giuliano – European Product Manager, SCEE for how this idea came about and when the tournament will take place.

“Due to the overwhelming response to Spring’s Warhawk Capture the Flag Tournament we have put together an awesome deal to get you ready for another war! Get ready to claim the top spot in the Fallen Star Expansion Pack tournament from July 1st – July 5th. To help get you into the game from June 22nd to July 6th you can purchase Warhawk Fallen Star on the PS STORE for just €1.99/£1.59 (original price: € 5.99/£4.79).”


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