Warhawk for PSN Drops Price by Half, Starhawk Hinted!

By Jon Ireson

February 25, 2010

Dylan Jobe, the President of LightBox Interactive, a new company founded by some of the people that brought us Warhawk and Twisted Metal: Head On as well as other notable titles through the years, announced on PlayStation Blog today that the fast-paced, action packed epic warfare title Warhawk for PlayStation 3 will be half off on the PlayStation Network starting today in the United States!  Jobe also gave hints to his current project in the works stating that “we’ve been cranking on the development of our new game that both our Warhawk fans and new players are going to love!”.  Read more for my thoughts on why you should pick this up and be on the lookout for a Starhawk announcement soon!

The new price for Warhawk is $14.99, saving you $14.99 versus if you were to download it on PSN normally, and saving you about $45 off the debut price.  Also, the 3 add-on map packs have been reduced in price to $4.99 each or $9.99 for the bundle as opposed to $7.99 each and $15 for the  bundle.  This is a great time for gamers who never played Warhawk to check out what they have been missing.  If you are already are in the Warhawk universe but have yet to experience the Booster packs, buy them!!!  I have played over a thousand hours on this game and it still intrigues me in new ways constantly.  Every booster pack adds a huge amount of change in the battlefield and gameplay and are worth every penny even at full price.  If you haven’t bought this game yet, you would be a fool not to take advantage of this sale!

As fans of the game already know, Warhawk is a title no shooter or online fan should miss out on!  With epic battles including ground vehicles, air combat, as well as on foot battles, some of the largest maps ever seen in our current era of modern gaming, as well as some of the most impressive dedicated servers in all of gaming history.  The game features a plethora of explosive weaponry and insane gameplay situations that provide some of the best multiplayer battles.  If any of you doubt me on this, I challenge you to pick up the game while its’ on sale and add my PSN tag for a little Warhawk 101.

In regards to Jobe’s remarks about his latest project, could he be talking about the rumored Starhawk: Dominion ?  For a while now rumors have been circulating the net that Starhawk was a game being developed by LightBox Interactive for publisher Sony Computer Entertainment America.  Anyone who has been following Jobe’s tweets lately will know that he has been having many meetings with exec’s at the publishing giant and now he has even said on PlayStation Blog “…it’s shaping up and we can’t wait to tell you about it” in addition to the comments of his next game being something that Warhawk fans as well as new players will enjoy!  I’m just saying, I smell a Starhawk announcement of some type on the horizon and I am very excited!  Online multiplayer in Warhawk is truly the ideal high-tech war experience.  With its game concept evolved to a new level, it could change the face of gaming as we know it!  Of course, as it goes with rumors, this could turn out to be a completely different project Jobe referenced during this Warhawk sale blog post…  The possibility is so real it even prompted the mock Starhawk cover below to be created, many people have been fooled by this well-done artist’s rendition.

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