Warhawk Tournament 2010 Starts Tomorrow

By Jon Ireson

April 1, 2010

This announcement comes from the father of the PlayStation 3 multiplayer only exclusive Warhawk which took third-person vehicular shooters, and war-based games in general, to a new level of intensity. Tomorrow April 2nd, 2010 the tournament servers will open up (these will be official servers labeled in blue) to hordes of Warhawk gamers competing for a second chance at the championship blades that were given away in a SONY sponsored GGL competition. Read on for details, strategies, and tactics that you can use to stand a chance in this epic competition.

This Blade Could Be Yours!

The servers will open up at 5am Pacific Time for North Americans and Europeans to join. It is likely that the various other countries Warhawk has been released in will also partake in the tournament since the game’s server system is internationally universal. This title is a seriously under-rated game that is often shunned by those who cannot handle the intensity or time investment of learning the controls and strategic elements but I urge those of you who own a copy or might not yet to pick it up this weekend (with those who picked it up recently at reduced price) and rock this tournament with your best of skills. I think people will truly find a little something for everyone, if you cannot handle flying planes stick to the ground. If you are not really into vehicles, go on foot! Do your best and you could win a championship blade if you are in the top 50 players across official Tournament servers leading through May 3rd.

Each match will consist of the standard red versus blue capture the flag match. Camping will not get you very many points in this tournament. If you want to know some of the best ways to get points simply keep the following in mind at all times during play.

Be in the action and get yourself to the place you are needed most and stand to do the most good to your team. Although all points will be tallied individually for each person across your matches you will not be able to accomplish this by staying in one place the whole time and using one strategy the entire game. Switch your spawn point often, find interesting opportunities to give your team the edge and get in there with guns blazing.

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Work for the team win by stopping enemies from getting away with the flag. Catch people taking your team’s bases and kill them while immediately taking the base back. Team point bonuses exist throughout the game and will be the best method for winning the championship blade. Beyond every little hidden bonus the game rewards you with in the game for team-based actions each individual will receive 50 bonus points for each game that their team wins. This is why you need your team to win.

Go all out and use all of the weapons at your disposal. Don’t bother trying to be cheap and accomplish all of your points with one or two tactics because this is going to be the first tournament to bring so many very intense ‘Warhawkers’ the second chance at the exclusive in-game weapon being offered as a prize. Win this game with honor like you should, it will be a much more balanced fight for yourself and others in the tournament. Instead of flying around one or two weapons you like in the plane land that thing and destroy some people on the ground than hop back in and shoot off. No scope, Knife, Grenade, Cluster bomb if you must, use any and every available weapon as you come across them. Dominate, Merk, Own, Pwn, whatever you call it.

Warhawk Tournament 2010 Announced [PSBlog]

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