WARMACHINE: Tactics Brings You XCOM Gameplay With Magic Commanders and Steampunk Robots

WARMACHINE: Tactics Brings You XCOM Gameplay With Magic Commanders and Steampunk Robots

Ever wanted to cast magic and send powerful robots onto the battlefield in XCOM? Privateer Press Interactive and WhiteMoon Dreams may have the game for you.

WARMACHINE: Tactics takes the award-winning tabletop miniatures franchise, WARMACHINE, adds in a little flavor with popular tactics game titles such as Valkyria Chronicles, Final Fantasty Tactics and the X-COM franchise, and then tops it off with a steampunk design, fantasy setting, and war theme. What you end up getting is a new project that seeks to combine a unique world with engaging squad-based tactical gameplay.

WARMACHINE: Tactics takes place in a world where a war has engulfed several nations: the imperialistic and conquest-driven Khador; heroic Cygnar, with its cutting-edge technology; the fanatical Protectorate of Menoth; and the undead “Nightmare Empire” of Cryx. With mercenaries and other factions like the Retribution of Scyrah jumping into the fray, this is a war that threatens to unhinge the entire region with famine and death.

To win this war, these armies heavily rely on rare individuals with unique magical powers and strong combat skills called Warcaster, one of which players will experience the single player campaign through with WARMACHINE: Tactics original character Lt. Allison Jakes. Warcasters will have a tailored arsenal made up of their own personal fighting style and a personalized combination of spells and skills, spells and skills powered by a replenishing reservoir of magical energy called Focus. This emphasis on making warcasters unique will extend to how their interact with their squads: one may promote aggressive strategies and the use of melee combat, while another may prefer greater defense, longevity, and a more methodical approach.

WARMACHINE - Tactics - 03

Also important to the war effort are the Warjacks, a steam-powered and magically endowed robot made of steel that is constantly controlled by a warcaster’s telepathic contact. These tools can use devastating weapons or a warcaster’s Focused attack to unleash powerful attacks on the field. The bond between a warcaster and its warjacks is important: over time, a warjack will gain experience and bond with its warcaster, and may even take on unique personality traits and characteristics.

Finally, there are the Warriors, who fulfill a diverse range of disciplines nad roles, and can fight and support the other units. The game is said to include over 500 distinct warriors, warjacks and warcasters, with more on the way.

During the campaign, players will follow Lt. Jakes story as a warcaster of Cygnar in a narrative titled “No Man’s Land,” which follows the young journeywoman as she’s thrust into a position of great responsibility and leadership before she is ready. WARMACHINE: Tactics will also have a Multiplayer component, one that supports both synchronous and asynchronous gameplay, and will offer casual, ranked and tournament play. Multiplayer will also continue to be supported, with regular releases of new maps, units and new factions.

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This is where you come in: Privateer Press Interactive and WhiteMoon Dreams want your help in supporting WARMACHINE: Tactics, and ensuring that there is efficient onlie support and room for expansion, including regular free content like multiplayer maps, and themed bundles and add-ons. WARMACHINE: Tactics is already over $350,000 of its $550,000 goal, with a month to go, and is set to release to PC and Mac platforms.

For more details on the game, check out the WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter video and screenshots below; for more information on the Kickstarter Campaign (and all of the rewards), check out the WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter Campaign; for more insight into the world of the game, check out the WARMACHINE: Tactics website.