Warner Bros. Delays Gauntlet, Releases New Gameplay Footage

on August 27, 2014 3:19 PM

The reboot to beloved dungeon crawler series Gauntlet has been delayed to September 23rd by publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today.

In the press release, the only reason given for the delay was merely that “…additional time was needed to fine-tune details in order to bring gamers an even more robust multiplayer experience.” To show appreciation for all those who had already pre-ordered the game, Warner Bros. has added a special bonus item as a thank you: The Spawn of Kerthull. The item is a unique robe for the Wizard class that appears to be a pair of dead imp wings sewn together and draped across the players back like a cloak.

To top things off, developer Arrowhead Games has released a new walkthrough video that takes players through some of the games lore and background and showing off new gameplay that you can watch below. Gauntlet will release on PC on Steam and come to SteamOS sometime in 2015.

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