Warner Bros. Games Not Listed for Xbox at TGS; Are they All Going to Become Sony Exclusives in Japan?

Warner Bros. Games Not Listed for Xbox at TGS; Are they All Going to Become Sony Exclusives in Japan?

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently announced that Batman: Arkham Knight will be a PS4 exclusive in Japan, but something strange can be seen in the list of games that will appear at the Sega booth at Tokyo Game Show.

Sega will host all the game by Warner Bros, alongside other western publishers, and as you can see below the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions are nowhere to be seen. The PC version is also missing, exactly like for Arkham Knight.


We already knew that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and The LEGO City Videogame haven’t been announced for Xbox consoles in Japan, but both Shadow of Mordor and Dying Light have indeed been announced for Microsoft platforms, even if Shadow of Mordor lost the Xbox 360 version, while Dying Light has been announced for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The Xbox One version of Shadow of Mordor still regularly appears on its Japanese website (but the same could be said for Arkham Knight before the exclusivity announcement), while Dying Light still doesn’t have one. Both are still listed on Xbox Japan’s homepage, but again, the same was true for Batman’s upcoming open world game before Microsoft had to yank it down.

The versions mentioned on the site aren’t just the versions showcased, by the way, as both games will appear only with a trailer, and even in the single page for each game under “compatible platforms” they both mention only PS4 and PS3.

This doesn’t extend to other publishers hosted at Sega’s booth, for instance Electronic Arts’ games will be at Sega’s booth as well, and they all regularly mention their Xbox 360 and Xnox One versions, as you can see below.


This begs the question on whether it’s a mistake on either Warner Bros.’ or Sega’s part, or if they’re destined to become PlayStation exclusives like Batman: Arkham Knight in Japan.

One thing is for sure: Xbox can’t catch a break in the archipelago of the Rising Sun. Hopefully Microsoft will show off Scalebound at Tokyo Game Show. That would probably lighten the mood a great deal.