Warner Montreal Has More DC Comics Games in the Works

on December 9, 2011 10:00 AM

You can thank Batman for this one. Warner Montreal has stated that it’s working on bringing new DC Comics-based games to the industry table due to the popularity of Rocksteady’s Batman series. In an interview with Canadian Business, Warner Montreal studio  head Martin Carrier noted that the games produced by Rocksteady have “changed people’s perceptions” on comic book-based games, and because of this gamers are not “satisfied anymore with sub-par superhero games.”

He added, “Now, it’s like they should be better than all the other games. We’re definitely working closely with DC on different titles, yet to be announced. It’s one of the reasons we talk to Geoff Johns and Jim Lee [the comic publisher heads] on a regular basis. It’s interesting for our geeky side to be in touch with those guys, especially now that they’ve relaunched all the 52 [comics]. It’s a good time to be working with DC. There’s so much energy going on there. So yeah, [we’re in] the triple-A space and the casual online space.”

Warner’s Montreal studio is looking to expand from four to around 300 employees by 2015 as these projects grow in scale. “One of the things that really helped us is the trend of where Warner was going on the game side,” Carrier went on to say. “Batman: Arkham Asylum had come out and that had really changed peoples’ perceptions of the superhero game. So when we’d talk to [potential employees] and say, ‘Hey we’re going to be working with DC,’ they could see potential there.”

What Marvel superheroes do you think would make great game heroes?

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