Warren Spector On The Video Game Industry: The Sky Isn't Falling, The End Isn't Near

By Masoud House

February 7, 2013


At his DICE 2013 presentation today, the sadly recently unemployed Warren Spector had a few things to say regarding the industry as it stands and the news regarding Junction Point–his studio with Disney Interactive–closing.

On the industry, via Joystiq, Spector commented on the “sky is falling” doom-saying that’s been spreading through the community:

I have seen so much chaos in the last 35 years… This may seem like an especially chaotic time, a uniquely tumultuous time, but really not so much. A lot of us here lived through when the ‘end of arcades’ meant the end of games, when the ‘end of Atari’ meant the end of games, when the PC supplanted the Apple II as the primary gaming platform – that was the end of games.

We’ve lived through a lot of changes and we’ll live through whatever changes we have to deal with now. Chaos is where we live as video game developers. If you can’t deal with that, go work in a bank … no, wait, don’t work in a bank. Go work somewhere else.”

On the community itself, Spector commented that both gamers and game developers are different, and that “we are getting older.” He also stated he wished the audience could be far more diverse, provided that the industry would just go looking for that diversity. “Think about your legacy,” he said.

On his career aspects, via Kotaku, Spector had two quotes to share, via two pictures, which you can see below in the gallery. He also comically shared his LinkedIn profile for anyone hiring, which you can also see below.

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Do you agree with Spector’s statements? Is the industry just scared of an inevitable change that it has already faced several times before? Is the industry too stagnant and failing to garner a more diverse audience? Let us know in the comments below, and for more news, stay tuned to DualShockers.com.

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