Warren Spector Writing DuckTales Comic Book

on February 18, 2011 7:30 PM

Warren Spector Writing DuckTales Comic Book

Last year Epic Mickey designer, Warren Spector, said he’d like to do a DuckTales game next. As a huge cartoon geek I was incredibly excited by this prospect. While I didn’t like Epic Mickey, despite it being one of my most anticipated titles of 2010, I want to see what Mr. Spector could do with the franchise.

Now it seems he’s one step closer as it’s been announced Warren Spector will be penning an upcoming DuckTales comic book from BOOM! Studios. BOOM! puts out a lot of very quality comics, a lot of them based on Disney properties. They’ve even gone back and reprinted many of the classic DuckTales and Scrooge McDuck stories by the legendary Carl Barks. The Don Rosa Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck hardcovers are especially delightful, and a wonderful addition to anyone’s library. I also heartily recommend the Darkwing Duck book.

Maybe Spector will tackle Darkwing next. Much like DuckTales, DD hasn’t had his own game since the Capcom title on the NES and both of those games were awesome.

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