Warriors All-Stars Gets Details on Party-Based Battle System and New 'Setsuna Clan' Trailer

Koei Tecmo launched a new trailer with details for their upcoming action title Warriors All-Stars, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on August 29 in North America and September 1 in Europe.

The details cover the game’s unique party-based battle system, which is a spin on Omega Force’s one-versus-thoasands system from previous Warriors titles. In Warriors All-Stars, players will be able to recruit up to four characters from the Koei Tecmo IP roster and take them into battle.

In the party, they’ll be able to execute a Musou Rush, which can be used to rally support and clear the surrounding area of any opposition. Additionally, players can use Hero Skills which allow the players to summon an ally and deal mass amounts of damage to an enemy.

Using the Hero Skills appropriately will enable the player to create a Combo Skills, which will rack up large amounts of damage to enemy forces. During each skill, players will be able to call upon their allies for help, in order to create a Hero Chain, where multiple Warriors launch powerful attacks to together.

The publisher details the game’s premise:

Warriors All-Stars begins in a mysterious land brought to the brink of destruction when a magical spring, the source of its power, dries up after its king’s passing. Following a legend that calls for the summoning of champions from other realms in times of dire need, the young princess Tamaki performs a ritual that goes horribly wrong when her powers spiral out of control, scattering the heroes across the domain. Emboldened to restore peace to the world, Tamaki must recruit the best and strongest among these visitors to revitalize the spring – and crown the land’s savior as its new ruler.

Earlier, the publisher detailed how players will be able to interact with character’s throughout the game.

You can check out the new trailer featuring the Setsuna clan and also a ton of screenshots below:

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