Warriors All-Stars Receives Details For Strengthening Bonds Off the Battlefield; New Trailer

Warriors All-Stars Receives Details For Strengthening Bonds Off the Battlefield; New Trailer

Koei Tecmo released new details for their action musou game Warriors All-Stars, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on August 29 in North America and September 1 in Europe.

The new details cover how characters will be able to strengthen their bonds on and off the battlefield. During downtime, players will be able to head to the “Sanctuary” where they will be able to upgrade their Hero Cards and spend some one on one time with certain heros. Places worth visiting during this time include: the Tavern, Inn, Refinery, Practice Arena and Headquarters. In addition, players will also be able to spend some quality time in the hot springs.

Character’s backstory are revealed through these scenes, so it’s important to participate when the chance arises.

The publisher details the Hero Cards:

Stopping by the Refinery lets players enhance, create and sell Hero Cards found on the battlefield. Hero Cards are mystical objects that provide new skills and boost the abilities of the character they’re equipped on. And at the Practice Arena, Warriors can improve their stats by exchanging their hard-earned gold for experience points. Once players feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to the action, they can visit the Headquarters to accept missions for their clan and plot their next course of action on the World Map!

Additionally, Koei Tecmo launched a new clan trailer for the Shiki Clan — Yukimura Sanada, Mitsunari Ishida and Naotora Ii from the Samurai Warriors series, Ryu Hayabusa and Ayane from the Ninja Gaiden series, Hajime Arima and Darius from the Japanese romance adventure series Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time, William from Team Ninja’s latest title Nioh, and Shiki, the son of the monarch from Warriors All-Stars.

In case you missed it, you can also check out the trailers for the Tamaki Clan and Setsuna Clan.

You can watch the new trailer as well as check out some screenshots below: