Warriors Orochi 4 Announced by Koei Tecmo with First Teaser Trailer

Warriors Orochi 4 Announced by Koei Tecmo with First Teaser Trailer

Koei Tecmo's YouTube channel has just released a new teaser trailer for Warriors Orochi 4 (Musou Orochi 3) with 2018 Japanese release date.

Koei Tecmo released a new teaser trailer for Warriors Orochi 4, otherwise known as Musou Orochi 3 in Japan, and announced that the game will have a Japanese release in 2018. Considering that the last Warriors Orochi game was released in 2011, fans of the series should definitely be excited about this announcement. You can check out the short teaser trailer below.

So far, no platforms have been confirmed considering the early state of this announcement. However, the Warriors Orochi series has a trend of PlayStation releases, so we can speculate that the game is likely to come out on PlayStation 4 at the very least. No western release date has been announced at the moment.

The trailer cuts to fog-filled images of Asian temples and castles before panning upwards to a Greek temple. We see the still images of who appear to be Zhao Yun from Dynasty Warriors and Sanada Yukimura from Samurai Warriors clashing as a golden light fills the frame. That golden light dissolves into the title card for Musou Orochi 3, revealing the 2018 release date beneath the logo.

While little is revealed in this early teaser trailer, one thing of particular note is the Greco-Roman inspired architecture that makes a brief appearance between shots of Asian-style buildings. Considering the obvious Asian roots of Warriors Orochi, this touch certainly seems out of place–obviously intentionally so. Perhaps this suggests the inclusion of European-style Musou franchises like Warriors: Legends of Troy in the newest installment of the Warriors Orochi crossover series. For now, we can only speculate as to its meaning.

As of right now, we’ll just have to be satisfied with this teaser reveal and the fact that Warriors Orochi 4 is going to exist. Dualshockers will keep you updated as the Warriors Orochi 4 hype continues to grow.