Warriors Orochi 4 Gets New Character Trailer Showing Off Xu Shu

Xu Shu, a returning veteran from the Dynasty Warriors series, has received a new character trailer for Koei Tecmo's Warriors Orochi 4.

on October 12, 2018 11:52 AM

As Warriors Orochi 4 approaches there’ll be no shortage of characters to show off. As Koei Tecmo has built a long list of warriors that’ll be making appearances from across the Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors series, as well as some original characters from the Orochi’s plot. In this particular trailer, Xu Shu is in the spotlight.

If you’re unfamiliar, Xu Shu is a rather new character in the longrunning Dynasty Warriors series which consistently retells the story of China’s Three Kingdoms, Wei, Shu, and Wu. Xu Shu fights under Liu Bei, Shu, but spoiler alert, he eventually switches over to Cao Cao’s army, Wei. Basically, Xu Shu’s a little drama llama. The character first appeared in Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires. You can check out the new trailer down below.

Warriors Orochi 4 is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 16 in North American and October 19 in Europe. If you’re thirsty for some more Warriors action, you can check out our preview of the game from E3 as well as an interview with the game’s producer, Masaki Furusawa. Koei Tecmo also just released a new trailer for the character Kyubi, who came from Warriors Orochi 3.

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