Warzone Nuke Event: Are Zombies Heading to Verdansk Hospital Next?

The Zombies continue their journey through Verdansk!

Is Hospital the next point of interest to be infected by Zombies in Warzone? As Season 2 of Cold War and Warzone are well underway, it looks like we could have received our next hint as to where the zombies will spread to next. Influencers have been sent a package from the Call of Duty team that includes scrubs and a special note, hinting at the next location of Zombies in Verdansk.

At the beginning of Season 2, Zombies were introduced to the Warzone map Verdansk at a new point of interest known as Shipwreck. But now, they’ve made their way out of the Shipwreck and over to Prison, but it doesn’t look like they’re done just yet.

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Will The Zombies Infect Hospital?

If the package that has been shared online by various influencers such as @ModernWarzone and @CharlieINTEL is to be believed, the hint that was received on the included note is pointing towards Hospital being the next point of interest to be infested in Warzone. You can read the included note in the Tweet above from @ModernWarzone.

So, what does that mean for Hospital? Well, not much honestly. The inclusion of Zombies has been a little underwhelming, many were expecting the map to slowly become infested by the plague over the course of the season. In actuality, the Zombies move from one location to the next and must be activated by a button on the wall. Once activated, you must kill all 40 Zombies to receive a Yellow Access Card and unlock a special chest with some goodies in.

So, as the current location for the Zombies is Prison, they’ll simply be moved over to Hospital and the same mechanic for activating them will stay in place.

When Is The Warzone Nuke Event?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing set in stone for the date of the rumoured Nuke Event. But as time goes on, it’s looking more and more likely that Verdansk is set to be hit by a nuke. You can check out everything we know about the rumoured Nuke Event at the link below:

Warzone and Cold War Season 2

The newest Season of Cold War and Warzone went live on February 25, and adds a whole lot of new content! Jump in right now and you’ll find a new battle pass, new points of interest across Verdansk, new weapons, and much more.

You can keep up to date with everything happening in Season 2 right here at DualShockers

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