Warzone Season 4 - Best MG82 Meta Loadout (June 2021)

The MG82 has quickly become the new Warzone meta!

June 21, 2021

Previously, players were able to enjoy a whole season without a weapon meta. All of the guns were fair, balanced, and nothing too overpowered. With the launch of Season 4, all of that has changed.

Season 4 introduced two new weapons, the MG82 LMG and the C58 Assault Rifle. Both are incredibly overpowered, but the MG82 has quickly become the new meta for Warzone.

To save you from getting dominated by the new meta, here’s the best MG82 Warzone loadout for Season 4.

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Warzone Season 4

Season 4 of Warzone and Cold War launched on June 17th with a brand new Battle Pass filled with 100 Tiers of calling cards, weapon blueprints, music tracks and more.


A brand new Ground Fall event is also currently ongoing in both games right now. Players are able to complete challenges to earn various cosmetic rewards throughout the event.

Aside from new modes, map changes, and cosmetics, one of the biggest additions to Season 4 of Warzone was the new MG82 LMG. The new weapon has quickly become the new weapon meta.

MG82 Meta Loadout

Below you will find the best loadout option for the MG82 LMG in Warzone Season 4.

  • MUZZLE – Agency Suppressor
  • BARREL – 16.4″ Task Force
  • OPTIC – Axial Arms 3x
  • UNDERBARREL – Field Agent Grip
  • AMMUNITION – Fast Mag

Use this weapon loadout to not only increase the damage and range of the MG82, but to also reduce the amount of horizontal and vertical recoil. The new LMG boasts an incredibly small amount of recoil as standard, so using these attachments means players are able to beam people with ease.

Will The MG82 Receive A Nerf?

With the MG82 LMG being so powerful and currently over used, does Raven Software have only plans to nerf it?

On June 18, Raven Software acknowledged how powerful the MG82 was and issued a statement announcing a nerf would soon be coming. What exactly will change in the nerf is yet to be detailed.

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