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Warzone Mid-Season One Meta Weapons & All Nerfs and Buffs In New Update

Season One Reloaded has officially arrived to both Warzone and Vanguard!

January 13, 2022

The brand new mid-season update for both Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard was deployed earlier today, and included a long list of weapon nerfs and buffs, which means the meta has officially changed.

Alongside some important weapon balancing, the new Warzone update also included a long list of bug fixes. Fans had been crying out for a new patch ever since the new Caldera Map launched at the beginning of December. Thankfully, today’s update looks to have rectified many of the issues, check out the official patch notes here to find out more.

But for those only interested in all of the Warzone weapon nerfs and buffs, here’s how the meta has altered with Season One Reloaded.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard | Season One Battle Pass Trailer

Call of Duty: Vanguard | Season One Battle Pass Trailer

Warzone Season One Reloaded Weapon Nerfs & Buffs

Below you will find all of the weapon nerfs and buffs included in the new Warzone mid-season one update.

Assault Rifle

  • Assault Rifle Alpha (VG)
    • Visual Recoil decreased
  • Assault Rifle Hotel (VG)
    • Recoil decreased
    • Recoil Deviation decreased
  • AS44 (VG)
    • Initial Recoil decreased
    • Recoil Deviation decreased
  • NZ-41 (VG)
    • Recoil Deviation decreased slightly
    • Recoil ramp-up now occurs one bullet later


  • Einhorn Revolving (VG)
    • Hip Spread increased slightly

Submachine Gun

  • Submachine Gun Charlie (VG)
    • Lower Extremities Multipliers decreased to .9, down from 1
    • Max Damage Range decreased to 473, down from 500
    • Mid Damage Range decreased to 612, down from 650

Warzone Season One Reloaded Meta Weapons

So, how have the new weapon adjustments in the mid-season update altered the meta in Warzone? Well, according to ModernWarzone, the new long-range meta weapons appear to be:

  • Type 11
  • Bren
  • Cooper
  • STG
  • MG

Whilst the best close-range weapons to use are:

  • Welgun
  • MP40
  • Owen Gun
  • PPSH
  • Akimbo Snakeshots

The Bren LMG was actually one of the many weapons nerfed in the new update, but as showcased in ModernWarzone‘s clip below, it’s still an absolute beast to use in Caldera.

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