Warzone Player Discovers Glitch To Access Rebirth Island Bunker Early

Unfortunately, there's no way to get back out!

April 8, 2022

A Call of Duty: Warzone player has discovered a way to get inside of the newly added bunker on Rebirth Island, which holds a bunch of loot inside.

With the launch of Season Two Reloaded just a few short weeks ago, the anticipated update added plenty of content for players to jump into. One of the biggest additions with the mid-season update was the new Rebirth Island, which has been given a new look with some fresh points of interest.

However, fans have been left puzzled after the new Rebirth Island features an elusive yellow bunker door that can’t currently be accessed. Unless you decide to glitch your way inside, of course.

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Warzone Player Glitches Into Rebirth Island Bunker Early

Twitter user BobNetworkUK has successfully managed to glitch their way into the new bunker found on Rebirth Island.

There’s currently no legit way to get access to the elusive bunker, but they are expected to be open soon as the fourth community challenge is now live as part of the ongoing ‘Rebirth Reinforced’ event.

Currently, there are three locked bunkers around the island, but BobNetworkUK has found a cheeky way to get inside of one of them with a little help from an SUV and a friend. As shown in the short clip below, Bob and a friend gained access by standing against the yellow door and mantling the car as it crashes into them.

When mantling the car on impact, this glitches the player back and behind the bunker door. The sad news is, there’s not actually a way out afterward.

However, it does give us our first look at what the inside of the bunkers looks like. So, once they’re unlocked, you’ll be able to get your hands on plenty of red chests, specialists bonuses, and more.

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