Warzone & Cold War Season 2 - End Date and Time (US & UK Time)

Not long left until Season 3 begins!

April 20, 2021

With Season 3 almost upon us, we’ve got the exact end date and time for Warzone and Cold War Season 2. Whether you’re in the US or the UK, you can find the end times right here in this article.

Before Season 3 does begin though, it looks like Warzone players are going to get the chance to compete in the new ‘Hunt For Adler’ limited-time event. The Call of Duty team has been teasing it for quite some time now, and most recently they tweeted out all of the times the new event will be playable.

Check out the confirmed times for the ‘Hunter For Adler’ event in the tweet below, but remember that the official Call of Duty team has only put the times in PT.


Warzone & Cold War Season 2 End Date

Season 3 of Warzone and Cold War is set to begin on April 21/22 depending on your time zone. According to the current seasons Battle Pass, this is also when Season 2 will come to an end.

It’s important to note that for those on Pacific Time, the end date for Season 2 will actually be April 21. But the end of Season 2 will happen simultaneously worldwide.

The countdown on the current Season 2 Battle Pass states that the Pass will reset on April 21/22. You will find the exact times and dates for both US and UK below.

Warzone & Cold War Season 2 End Time

The current Season 2 Battle Pass has a countdown for when Season 2 will end, below you will find those exact times for both UK and US below.

April 21 – 10PM PT
April 22 – 1AM ET
April 22 – 6AM BST

Warzone & Cold War Season 3

Season 3 of Cold War and Warzone is set to begin on April 22, fans can expect a brand new Battle Pass, New Multiplayer Maps, New Weapons, and even a brand new Warzone map.

There are only a few more days left to level up the Season 2 Battle Pass to claim all of the rewards on offer. Jump into Cold War and Warzone Season 2 now until April 22.

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