Warzone Zombies - Where Can You Find Them and What do They Drop?

Zombies are in Verdansk!!!

Warzone Season Two is officially here. After plenty of speculation and hype, the latest update to the mega-popular battle royale dropped today, February 25. With it? An absolute TON of new changes. There are new weapons, locations and plenty more to get excited about – but one of the things that has had people talking most about this update, is “will there be some nice Warzone Zombies to do battle with?” The answer – YES! But where are they and what will they drop?

What were the Warzone Zombies Rumours?

Leading up to Season Two,  a ship had been slowly creeping towards Verdansk. The cargo tanker named ‘Vodianoy’ had been “carrying unknown cargo, and its crew are not able to be contacted”. This lead to plenty of speculation from players asking what happened to the crew? The first conclusion people jumped to – Zombies.

The monsters aren’t anything new to Call of Duty, or even Warzone, so the theory seemed solid.

This was then solidified further as started to unfold yesterday and leaks started to appear! Leakers found that there were new calling cards within Warzone that pertained to killing zombies, which only made intrigue higher.

So, where are the Zombies?

As expected, the cargo vessel made land near the prison, creating a whole new location called Shipwreck. Aboard the giant tanker, after fighting your way past all of the other players looking for a piece of the action, is the expected undead.

These Zombies are crawling around in the depths of the giant ship and drop some interesting new rewards when killed.

What do the Zombies drop?

The Zombies drop a brand new item titled “Yellow Keycard”. These keycards can be collected and open up Yellow Containers on/around the ship.

What’s in the containers though? Loot! There’s plenty of cash, weapons, attachments and more, that make the battle worth your while – as long as you fancy your chances of survival!

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