Warzone Shipwreck - Where is the Game's New Point of Interest and What is there?

Here's what we know about Warzone's newest POI.

Warzone Season Two is officially here. After plenty of speculation and hype, the latest update to the mega-popular battle royale dropped today, February 25. With it? An absolute TON of new changes. There are new weapons, locations and plenty more to get excited about – but one of the most intriguing new aspects of the update – the Warzone Shipwreck.

What’s the deal behind the Warzone Shipwreck?

Over the last few days, a ship has been slowly creeping towards Verdansk. The cargo tanker named ‘Vodianoy’ had been “carrying unknown cargo, and its crew are not able to be contacted”. This lead to plenty of speculation from players? Would it crash into Verdansk? What is this “Unknown Cargo”? What happened to the crew?

Well, we’re now finding out answers.

Where is the Shipwreck and how big is it?

The Ship hit land on the coast near Prison, which was to be expected, and created a new in-game location, aptly titled “Shipwreck”.

The vessel itself is massive. It consists of multiple floors for players to do battle on and rummage for gear. As you would expect, with this being the newest location in Warzone, players are flocking there to see what it’s all about. If you’re planning on taking a look, be prepared for a skirmish, and to likely die once or twice before you get to the good parts.

What secrets does the Shipwreck hold?

Before Season Two hit, speculation ran wild that the missing crew has been turned into Zombies. This then gained credibility as things started to unfold more yesterday and well, it’s true!

Within the Shipwreck, there is plenty of Call of Duty’s staple ghoulies to do battle with. These Zombies drop an item called a “Yellow Keycard” which in turn open up Yellow Containers on the ship. These containers hold plenty of loot for players, so, while there will certainly be heavy competition for them, it may be worth a challenge.

And that’s what we know about the Warzone Shipwreck so far. We’ll keep you updated should anything else be discovered throughout the day.

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