Was the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition Worth It?

I’m a Halo fan, plain and simple. I’m not a crazy fan, but a fan none the least. I showed up to my GameStop at 9pm for the midnight release. I was about 8th on the line. Talking to other random people in line about how we all thought ODST wasn’t good and how Halo 3 was nowhere near as good as Halo 2, the question came up. What version did you pre-order? Some said just the regular, many said the limited, but then I said Legendary. Out of the 10 people in the little circle of strangers, I was the only one giving away $150 plus tax for this Legendary Edition.

After asking the Gamestop Manager, he only had 35 Legendary Editions to sell in all, and 30 of them were pre-ordered. Now although I just my version for free by winning a Gamestop after hours event contest, I was going buy the Legendary Edition regardless. I thought this was one of the best limited editions I’ve seen in a long time, and most likely ever. Was I wrong? In my opinion, I wasn’t.

Bungie has a gift. Amazing games, amazing music, and with Microsoft, some of the best marketing strategies I’ve ever seen. They could sell Halo to my mother, who’s lucky if she can turn my Xbox on. Limited editions if games have recently really gone south for the most part. One for the fact that they’re not really limited, and most likely you’ll be able to find them in your local Best Buy 3 years from release laying around for a 5th of the price. I know this from firsthand experience. When I went into my local Best Buy to buy Splinter Cell: Conviction, something caught my eye. Master Chief. Sitting in front of the video game isle was about 30 to 40 copies of the Halo 3: Legendary Edition selling for $50. Many limited editions now a day come with simple things. An art book you’ll read once, a behind the scenes DVD you’ll watch when your extremely bored, or maybe some free DLC, that may or not be already installed on this disc. Where’s the creativity. Where’s my crazy posters that I can hang on my wall that not many others have. Where’s my wasteland lunchboxes with bobbleheads in them. The last limited edition I bought before Reach was Splinter Cell. The idea of a credit card size USB drive was simply put, insane. Then what happened, it didn’t even work. They ended up throwing all the content on their website for everyone to have. I got some stickers, some in-game DLC and stuff I don’t even remember, but hey they tried at least. Fallout 3 had one the best limited editions I’ve seen in a long time, the idea of a ‘making of’ disc and a 5 inch Vault Boy bobblehead to put my table was pretty sweet. Oh, and all of that was inside of a Wasteland lunchbox.

So the second question I got after announcing that I got the Legendary Edition was, “Do you think it’ll be worth it.” I said, well I won’t know till I have it and unbox it. So now that I have, I’ll share my opinion. Lifting this box, you know it was built to last. With a handle on top, you first slide off the sleeve that has some cool information on the back that tells you what’s waiting inside. All around the box are UNSC logos and numbers. Lift the top part open, it’s got that new box smell. You’re introduced to the blackbox, and the instructions on adding guns to you’re Noble Team statue. A top-secret letter tells you everything you’ll find in the box. Another letter, tells you the statue is a 1:53 scale replica of the Reach War Memorial from New Alexandria. The black box is also built with amazing detail, with a lot of Halo-esque numbering and logos on it. A handle on the top pulls out the goodies inside.

“I wonder what’s inside?”

The Halo: Reach game is inside, in a black game case instead of a green one. A realistic looking security camera photo of Noble Team is enclosed, and then the super-protected journal of Dr.Halsey. It’s wrapped in a black bubble wrap type case, with a big UNSC sticker to keep it closed. Kept together with bamboo looking string, and having a magnetic flap to keep it closed, it’s obvious that Bungie spent a lot of time on this. Random UNSC letters and receipts are found inside, along with some coffee stains and hand drawn looking pictures. In the back, a pouch is hidden. Inside, you have a UNSC security keycard, what looks like some blood work cards, a Halo Badge to be ironed on your favorite shirt, a newsletter regarding Miranda Keyes, a photo of ‘a new threat’, what looks like a placemat from a restaurant, with assault strategies on the back, and some files regarding certain candidates. Even the Styrofoam that separates the statue and the top platform of the box has Reach logos on it. Bungie didn’t drop the ball anywhere.

“Look at that sexy black case”

Lifting the box brings us the Noble Team statue which is one word is breath taking. Hand painted just like they said, as you can see from accidental paint reaching the back of the statue. Careful attention was paid to each and every Spartan on here. It’s something you’d expect to pay a lot of money for. It’s something I probably would’ve paid even $200 for. It’s was worth every penny I would’ve spent on it. Bungie threw in some in-game stuff as well, with a flaming head for your Spartan for example, and some cool Avatar props. If I were to ever see the guy who asked me if it was worth it, I would simply say hell yeah it was.

Other developers and publishers take note, this is what a limited edition should be made of. Check the slideshow below for some other pictures of the Legendary Edition.

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