Wasteland 3 Dev Diary Shows Off Character Creation, Combat, and More

Wasteland 3 gives players tons of new ways to survive the post-apocalypse.

inXile Entertainment’s Wasteland 3 is an upcoming turn-based RPG set in post-apocalyptic Colorado. The long-running series puts a major focus on tough,  tactical battles and a reactive story that’s constantly twisting and turning. Today, the dev team dropped a new diary video that gives us a great look at character creation, customization, and combat. Give it a watch below.

In any RPG like Wasteland 3, character creation, specifically your skill build, is incredibly important. The quirk system lets you equip characters with powerful traits that come with equally powerful detriments. You’ll need to carefully select which traits to take, as there is always a cost. Fortunately, inXile is putting an emphasis on making your stats as visible and understandable as possible. You should have all the information needed to make smart choices about your builds. And, if you need some help thinking up interesting builds, the video above has a few nifty pointers.

Wasteland 3 is also making a key change to its combat system. Instead of using an initiative system to decide who goes when the game has all of your party going at once. This means you’ll be able to toss together combos, but also means your enemies all attack at once. That said, this evolution seems like a smart move. It should make it much easier to plan out attacks and keep your team flexible in the heat of battle.

The video also shows off some of the cool cosmetic options available. Most of these revolve around your Kodiak battle tank; however, I would be surprised if they don’t give you similar options for the gear your team uses.

Wasteland 3 launches on August 28 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Be sure to keep your eyes locked on DualShockers for further updates.

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