Wasteland 3 Co-op Trailer Reveals Some Exciting Features About Playing with Friends

Wasteland 3 Co-op Trailer Reveals Some Exciting Features About Playing with Friends

Wasteland 3 tries to provide an expansive and fun co-op experience for players to assure them playing in co-op won't limit their options.

InXile Entertainment breaks down the co-op features of Wasteland 3 in a brand new trailer, which seems to be one of my favorite parts of the game as it provides more freedom compared to the other types of co-op sections in the games of the same genre.

Next week, we can finally jump into Wasteland 3‘s freezing Colorado to kick some ass and stop chaos by creating a new one, probably. The Wasteland series has always known for its highly flexible story-lines, and this feature is going to reach its peak in the upcoming entry, as per developers. That said, we are not here to talk about story options, which has already been explained by the development team. In fact, we are here to learn more about the co-op features of the game.

In Wasteland 3, you can either start a whole new game in co-op mode or continue your already saved games in co-op. As the host of the game, you will determine who controls which characters, and who takes charge of joint conversations. You and your teammate can easily go around the city and find different quests and talk to different people at the same time, with each of you controlling his own conversation options.

There will be some co-op-only features in the game as well, such as turning in a quest to two rival NPCs at the same time for double the reward. Moreover, you will even have the opportunity to mess with your co-operative friend like spreading rumors around him/her at your base.

Whenever you’re done with a co-op playthrough, you will have a save from the last checkpoint that you’d left the game, so that you can be able to continue the game on your own, or with a friend in co-op mode once again.

Wasteland 3 will be available through Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Store, and Steam on PC and Xbox One on August 28. The Xbox Series X version will also launch as soon as the console arrives.