Wasteland 3 Reaches 1 Million Players

Wasteland 3 Reaches 1 Million Players

Grab your grenades and magazines to join 1 million other players in booting up Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 released in late August earlier this year and has been met with positive reviews across the board. As of today, the turn-based isometric RPG has amassed 1 million players, and to celebrate, developer inXile Entertainment released a short film created during Wasteland 3‘s production.

In a tweet this morning from the official inXile Twitter account, the developers shared that Wasteland 3 has reached 1 million players. Additionally, “as a thank you” they posted a two-minute short film that was filmed early in the game’s development that served as a “mood piece.” It was created to help the team understand the look and feel of the game’s setting before getting to work.

The film follows a truck driver who gets stopped to help someone on the side of the road before making his delivery. If you’ve played any of the Wasteland games, you might understand how it goes: poorly.

It feels fitting, as we head closer and closer to winter and colder months, that Wasteland 3 is getting more popular. The frozen environments that players explore throughout the game definitely seem to match the mood of the first snow that many states are getting around this time.

Although the game released in August, inXile hasn’t stopped working on it. In a recent patch from October 9, Wasteland 3‘s load times were reduced by 60% on PC and by 25% on the Xbox One. inXile fixed more than just load times in the update, however, all patch notes can be viewed right here.

For more on Wasteland 3 and inXile Entertainment, make sure to check out this article on inXile’s new project which was unofficially announced by developers through Twitter. Wasteland 3 is available for the PC, the Playstation 4, and the Xbox One. You can pick up a physical copy right here to help support our website.