Watch Brave Sim Racers Drive for 24 Hours at Nürburgring on iRacing

Watch Brave Sim Racers Drive for 24 Hours at Nürburgring on iRacing

Watch one of the most difficult, exciting and grueling simulated races of the year test the skills and endurance of iRacing drivers.

If you have about a day to spare, and if you’re interested in racing games, the videos below may be for you, as they show the full 24 Hours Nürburgring endurance race on iRacing.

The race sees teams split in four classes (Audi R8 LMS, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup,  Kia Optima and Global Mazda MX-5 Cup), running the full length of the grueling endurance race, and creating one of the most monumental and exciting sim racing events of the year.

This year, overall winners were Pure Racing Team Black, with Sebastian Schmalenbach driving the last stint, followed by team Vendeval Simracing White, with Juan E. Lopez at the wheel for the last stint.

The two drivers enacted an extremely exciting finale, ending less than 1.6 seconds from each other. Lopez gained steadily on Schmalenbach during the last few laps, and had solid chances to end into the rival’s slipstream for the last straight.

Yet, it was not to be. If you look in the last video at 06:00:40, you can see the moment in which Lopez negotiates the exit of the infamous Mini Carousel corner, swerving slightly as his Audi loses traction for a split section while transitioning from the banked inner part of the turn to the flat outer part. That’s where he lost the chance to play for victory in the last straight. Yet, that final lap is truly gripping to watch.

Below you can see the full race split in four videos, and the final standings.

Incidentally, even if you’re a console gamer and you’re not directly interested in iRacing, you may want to give a look, because iRacing, with its professional eSports approach, actually represents a lot of what Gran Turismo Sport on PS4 aspires to be.