Watch Camelot Unchained Lead Concept Artist Draw a Viking Guild Town and Learn More About Building

Watch Camelot Unchained Lead Concept Artist Draw a Viking Guild Town and Learn More About Building

Sunday brought another treat for Camelot Unchained fans as the talented Lead Concept Artist Michelle Davies held a livestream event in which she drew a prototype of a Viking guild town for the cheering crowd. Today the recording is finally live for everyone to enjoy.

It was definitely lovely to watch the drawing evolve from a simple bunch of circles on a white background into a full fledged town, and then take a twist as Michelle decided to add a portion of the walls under attack and in flames. Camelot Unchained will be a purely RvR game after all, so you better get used to concepts like your town and fire featured in the same thought.

If you missed the livestream you can watch the recording at the bottom of this post. It features four hours and a half of lovely art, Photoshop tips & tricks, random but cute pieces of info on Korean living,  mild swearing (but we really don’t mind, do we?), a lot of duck-talk (long story, don’t ask) and hilarious live scoldings from Mark Jacobs on an accidentally open mic. We have to protect the sensibility of the French, after all…

In addition to the livestream we also got a new update on building, and specifically on blueprints and on the synergy between building and RvR. The info included are very interesting, so I advise to read the full thing, but if you’re short on time here are a few bullet points on blueprints.

• Can be created from combined prefabs + cells.
• Sometimes allow players to hire NPC builders (builder/player is faster, better though) to complete them.
• Can be duplicated if permitted by creator.
• Allow construction to proceed faster if multiple players work off the same blueprint.
• Allow faster and easier reconstruct/repair.
• Can be rated with crafters’ blueprints having a higher rating and RvRers a lower rating.
• Can be sold/traded & discovered.
• Can be approved by the Realm.
• Can be used as a base and then decoration/decals can be applied.

…and a few more on RvR building.

• All plots have permission levels.
• Players who capture a plot have to weigh the benefit of Salvage vs. Destroy vs. Capture.
• Crafters are better at salvaging, and they gain bonuses for deconstructing.
• Destroying a structure means less resources gained.
• RvRers can build simple constructs to help in RvR. They can also repair, but not as good as crafters but better than NPCs but not as close to skill of a crafter.
• All structures/prefabs have limited durability especially in RvR intensive areas.
• Supply Lines are an important part of RvR as well. Players need to keep the supply lines open as long as possible to allow materials to flow.
• The deeper players push into contested area, the better the rewards.
• Structures (such as keeps) can be built free form or from approved plans. Plans can be submitted to the realm for approval.
• Player can sacrifice structures to prevent them from falling into the hands of the enemy.

That’s quite unique for a MMORPG, isn’t it? I can see creative building fans already drooling at some of those features. I know I am. If you are as well, you can pledge your support for Camelot Unchained here. There are still eight days to turn this project into a reality.

Starting from 3 PM PDT your pledge (if you have a lot of disposable income) may even get you a house on top of a mountain, as explained in today’s mini-update detailing a new $2,500 tier. If spitting on people’s virtual head from above is your thing, this may finally be your chance.