Watch Dogs 2 Party Mode Coming July 4 in New Free Update

Watch Dogs 2 Party Mode Coming July 4 in New Free Update

Watch Dogs 2 is getting festive for July 4 with American-themed in-game events, four-player mode, and more on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

It seems like a lifetime ago that Watch Dogs 2 announced they would be incorporated four-person multiplayer into the open world action, third-person action game, but looks like Ubisoft is finally putting up. And right in time for Independence Day.

Best of all — the update is free to everyone with the game.

According to the dev blog for Watch Dogs 2, the four-player party mode will act like a four-person freeplay mode. Players can load the game up with friends and do some free-form exploring, or aim for more targeted activities. Ubisoft has cited that these will include:

  • Bounties;
  • Invasions;
  • Loot Trucks;
  • Races;
  • Showdown;
  • Man Vs. Machine Robot Fights; and
  • DedSec Virus events.

There is one minor drawback to high-score chasers — the new four-player party mode will be absent from the leaderboard standings.

Last but not least, the update will also other quality of life fixes and stability updates that haven’t been detailed. However, players can expect an in-game event for the month of July celebrating America — fireworks will soar over San Francisco and the paintball gun will be restricted to red, white and blue colors.

Watch Dogs 2 released on November 15, 2016 garnering an 8.0 from DualShockers, noting at “times it almost feels like the delightful God simulators of old, only with an enormously expanded scale.” Since then, the open world game has seen an avalanche of updates and some strong options for DLC.

Watch Dogs 2 is available immediately for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.