Watch_Dogs 2 PS4 Pro vs PS4 1080p Screenshot Comparison: Massive Gains in Anti-Aliasing

Watch_Dogs 2 PS4 Pro vs PS4 1080p Screenshot Comparison: Massive Gains in Anti-Aliasing

Watch_Dogs 2 releases on PS4 (and Xbox One) tomorrow, and many are probably wondering about the differences between the game’s looks on PS4 Pro and on standard PS4.

In order to verify, we ran the game on both consoles and captured pairs 1080p screenshots in lossless PNG to ensure the maximum possible fidelity by using an Elgato Game Capture HD60. We also took care to shot each pair of screenshots at exactly the same time of day and weather. The game has a dynamic day/night and weather cycle, and different light conditions could invalidate the comparison.

Below you can see each screenshot in both versions, with PS4 Pro coming first, followed by standard PS4. Keep in mind that they’re big files, so give them time to load. You might also want to refrain from loading them on mobile if you are on limited data, as they’ll eat it up quite fast.

The game doesn’t uncap frame rate on PS4 Pro, running at a nice and steady 30 FPS, but it comes with massive gains in Anti-aliasing. An easy solution to support PS4 pro at 1080p is to render the picture internally at higher resolutions, and then downsample to 1080p. This normally helps with anti-aliasing, but the difference may be hard to see.

As you can see on the screenshots above, and on a few zoomed details below, in Watch_Dogs 2 the gains in anti-aliasing by running the game on PS4 Pro are rather massive. Not only edge aliasing (the infamous jaggies) are very close to gone on the more powerful console, while they’re extremely visible (and a bit jarring) on standard PS4, but the game also loses the extreme dithering around objects as well, resulting in a much clearer and high-quality image.

Elements that especially take advantage of this are foliage, reflections, shadows and more. Below you can see a few zoomed details, with the PS4 Pro version above and the standard PS4 version below it.


On top of this, the PS4 Pro version also shows stronger ambient occlusion (which is particularly noticeable in the shelves of the gaming store ), resulting in a very solid support of Sony’s new console by Ubsoft’s new game, even for those of you who don’t have a 4K TV.

Incidentally, our review of Watch_Dogs 2 was supposed to go live today, but an issue cropped up, requiring Ubisoft to temporarily turn off seamless multiplayer. While they’re confident that they’ll be able to restore it by tomorrow’s launch, we prefer to see everything in working order before we give our final judgement.

That said, I’ll spoil the review a little bit: the single player part of the game is really, really enjoyable. Stay tuned!