Kotaku: Watch Dogs 3 Will Be Going to London, Confirming Rumors

According to recent reporting from Kotaku, Watch Dogs 3 will be heading to London -- confirming a long-standing rumor following some changes to the ending.

By Portia

April 7, 2019

A small rumor that finds its origins on imageboard and rumor-den 4chan seems to be confirmed finally. According to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, Watch Dogs 3 will is going to the UK — London to be specific. This rumor has been circling for quite some time now, but after much speculation we have a “Schreier Confirmation” which is practically a sure-fire thing in 2019.

In the Kotaku article discussing the new tease that the next Assassin’s Creed game will have a Viking backdrop, Schreier writes, “A new patch for Watch Dogs 2 also dropped a major clue for Watch Dogs 3, telling the world the new setting would be London (which it is).” Back in 2017, Ubisoft released a patch to fix some bugs and added some changes to Watch Dogs 2‘s ending. During the end, there were some references made about the London location.


It’s nothing new for Easter eggs to be put in current games, implying about future games. Ubisoft did this with their sci-fi game, Pioneer. A game which was teased in Watch Dogs 2. Unfortunately, the game was canceled, but new information came to light revealing the game is undergoing some significant changes. Out with the old Pioneer and with the old and in with the new.

However, the key component of this reporting is the off-hand editorial remark from Schrier: “…(which it is).” While the original ending changes created some healthy speculation, Jason is taking some more explicit terms with it.

Ubisoft still hasn’t confirmed Watch Dogs 3 and is keeping a tight lid on things. Which still has gamers asking the major question, “When is it coming out?” Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Ubisoft finally confirms this rumor and hopefully reveals the game officially — and perhaps a release date. Perhaps we will hear more about the game when E3 rolls around.

If you want to catch up with the series, Watch Dogs 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can grab the game via Amazon, at a fairly deep discount. DualShockers reviewed the game when it came out, awarding it an 8.0 while saying “It’s certainly not a perfect picture, but despite the wacky balance and the flaws, Watch Dogs 2 manages to be a very enjoyable experience.”


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