Watch Dogs Legion Lets You Get Drunk and Play Mini-Games

"Gimmie another pint, mate."

Watch Dogs Legion offers up a fictionalized London to the player, allowing them to explore a world filled with life. NPCs are doing their own things, shouting at people, knocking on doors to buildings, and there are some hidden gems that seem to be present across the city.

During my time with the early build of the game, I was introduced to some hidden mini-games that are available throughout the city. One of them required me to fast-travel to my hideout. Hideouts in Watch Dogs Legion, at least the one I was a regular at, are based underneath a pub. Pubs have a bar, which has alcohol, which can be drunk. As a result, the game allows you to drink until you get tipsy, or at the very least, stumble to your knees and pass out.

But drunkenness aside, the pub also has a dartboard. Players are able to go head-to-head with an NPC in a game of 301. To keep the mini-game challenging, a target, signifying your aim, expands and contracts as it wobbles around the face of the dartboard. Once you’re ready to lob a dart. You get rewarded points for winning, and during the early version of the game, there’s a drunk bonus which doesn’t seem to reward you any additional points but is listed.

That wasn’t the only mini-game I was introduced too during my time with Watch Dogs Legion, there’s also what appears to be illegal fight arenas you can take part in. These arenas also grant you reward points for completing them and seem to be scattered around the city. They’re bare-knuckle boxing arenas basically that find the you fighting against four different opponents, one at a time in a tournament style.

Each fight has a “Punters offer” which is basically a challenge for you to achieve against the opponent. An example would be dodging 3 strikes within 30 seconds for additional reward points. The fights in the section I tried were amateurs, so I imagine there may be some progression to higher-ranked fighters. At the end of the fight, if you win, you get to choose one of the fighters you faced to recruit as part of your team, allowing you to play at them.

I’m not sure if there are other hidden games you can find and participate in as my session was coming to an end when I was introduced to these moments. However, given the size of London, I’m sure there may be some tucked away, or even added closer to launch. Ubisoft last year announced the game was going to be delayed when it was originally slated to arrive in March 2020.

Watch Dogs Legion is due to launch later this year, we have a preview on the early version of the game available to read here, it’s slated to launch on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia.

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