Watch Dogs Legion Gets a New Trailer

Watch Dogs Legion has received its first new video following its presentation during Ubisoft Forward.

Hot on the heels of the July 12 Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft shared a new trailer for their upcoming title, Watch Dogs: Legion, in Geoff Keighley’s pre-show for today’s Xbox Games Showcase. The trailer depicts and doubles down on a lot of what was already shown during the recent Ubisoft Forward, including some bits of gameplay we’ve already seen.

It’s been a summer for Ubisoft. Between every game reveal and announcement have been shocking revelations and details about the toxic work environment that people have experienced at the company from top-to-bottom. Regardless, Ubisoft is drawing inspiration from the London setting of Watch Dogs: Legion and keeping calm and carrying on with the marketing roadmaps for their upcoming games, regardless of public image or internal strife.

The trailer itself does a good job recapping everything that’s been shown about the game so far. It opens on a London bathed in red and blue police lights following the terrorist attack that serves as the catalyst for the game’s story, with a voiceover that sets up the London that players will be able to explore on Ocotber 29. It describes it as a military state, riddled with organized crime, showing brief story beats before transitioning into cinematic gameplay clips.

It touts one of the game’s tentpole mechanics — the fact that everyone and anyone can be a playable character. While it opens on a now-stereotypical well-dressed, middle-aged British spy driving an Aston Martin-lookalike, it just as soon shoots him in the head and shifts its focus onto other characters, like the construction worker and master hacker that we saw in the Ubisoft Forward trailer, but it also shows some new faces — and new boxes.

Whether or not Ubisoft can follow through on all the ambitious claims and gameplay elements that they’ve promised will be in the game remains to be seen, but until then, click here to check out our hands-on impressions with the game.

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