Watch Dogs Legion Cosplay Uncovers a Rather Sassy, Bad-Ass Helen

Watch Dogs Legion Cosplay Uncovers a Rather Sassy, Bad-Ass Helen

Check out the sassy granny from Watch Dogs Legion cosplayed by Kirsten Ria.

Whether you’ve enjoyed your playtime with Watch Dogs Legion or not, the game certainly has some colorful characters sewn within its chaotic missions. With the ability to recruit up to 20 different characters as part of the DedSec resistance and equipped their own unique storylines, dialogue, and background, there’s a huge pick ‘n mix of NPC’s to choose from. In saying that though, many players can’t get enough of Helen, a granny who loves to feed the ducks and hobble around London’s streets but also enjoys sending her robo-spiders into vents to take out guards and, as it happens, people seemingly love nothing more than cosplaying as the old lady, too.

Check out Kirsten Ria, a cosplayer, YouTuber and host from the UK who loves to play an array of different games. Shortly after Watch Dogs Legion released on October 29, Kirsten got stuck into some gameplay, as seen on her Instagram, where she decided to recruit a team of grannies. This very wise strategy could have been the point where Kirsten decided that she wanted to cosplay as the kick-ass old lady. Thankfully, Ubisoft sent Kristen over a pretty cool goodie package that also included an official Helen cosplay kit. Slipping on the tartan skirt, glasses, and purple hat that screams (and possibly smells) old lady, Kristen merged into everyone’s beloved granny from Watch Dogs Legion.


What I’m not certain about is if Kirsten is actually wearing a mask or if it’s some very good makeup but I guess I may not find out as apparently you have to be one of her patrons for more pictures of the sassy Helen. Regardless, this is a very cool cosplay and what makes it even better is Helen giving everyone the middle finger, I do wish all old people would just walk around like this and especially so after this horrific year. Make sure to check out Kirsten’s other cosplaying endeavors over on Instagram and maybe hop into her YouTube channel to catch some of the horror games she loves to play.

If all you have played of the title is in single-player, don’t forget that you can also team up with your mates as well. The co-op section of Watch Dogs Legion will support up to 4-player groups, where they can choose to go on missions, roam around the city and explore London, and complete some tasks with various difficulties. When you jump into missions with your friends, you have to have a proper plan to infiltrate the facilities and do the objectives. Choosing different characters with various abilities will allow you to have more options in missions when playing with friends.

Watch Dogs Legion is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will be released on Xbox Series XXbox Series S, and PS5 next week. Not to mention that it supports free next-gen upgrades on both platforms. To check out our review of the game by features editor, Ben, you can take a peek of that right here.