Watch Dogs Legion Game Design Director Discusses the Importance of its Story

Watch Dogs Legion's Game Design Director discusses the game's story.

July 22, 2019

Following Watch Dogs Legion‘s announcement at E3, it’s easily become one of the most anticipated games of 2020. In a new Spiel Times interview with Kent Hudson, Game Design Director for Watch Dogs Legion, we got new details on the game’s story and how it fits in with playing as any citizen in the game.

“You know, first off – I know ‘play as anyone’ is kind of a crazy technological innovation with the simulation we’ve done, but story is still a huge part of the game it’s a huge part of the franchise and this game is no different. We’ve got five different storylines in the game, so it’s five main- you could call them quest lines if you want. And each one of them is tied to one of our thematic pillars.”


Additionally, Hudson discusses the different types of stories players get to experience: “So, for example, we’re gonna be looking at today a storyline that’s about the surveillance state. It’s basically about the spies of the nation turning their technology inward and actually spying on the citizens of England and London. There’s one that’s about the surveillance state. There’s one that’s themed around the private military contractors who’ve supplanted the police in the city, and they’ve actually taken over.”

Hudson also said there will be references to MI5 and MI6 in the game alongside the game’s own fictional intelligence agency. He mentions the mix between the real intelligence agencies and its fictional agency are “tied to the thematic pillars that are going into the game.” Recently, Ubisoft announced a collaboration with HitRecord that lets users create music for the game, which has caused quite a bit of controversy. Additionally, Watch Dogs Legion will be added to Ubisoft’s Uplay+ subscription service.

Watch Dogs Legion releases on March 6, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also release on Google Stadia at a later date. Watch Dogs Legion is available for preorder now on Amazon.


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