Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 5.5 Today (August 24) - Patch Notes & Assassin's Creed Crossover

The world of Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs are about to collide!

By Kyle Knight

August 24, 2021

Ubisoft will be deploying a brand new update for Watch Dogs: Legion today (August 24). Title Update 5.5 will be known as the Assassin’s Creed Crossover and will feature plenty of new modes and missions for players to embark on.

The full patch notes are available right now, but the update isn’t set to go live until 6AM PST / 9AM EST / 2PM BST. So, before the update goes live, check out the patch notes right here in this article to find out what’s new.

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Watch Dogs: Legion – Assassin’s Creed Crossover Trailer

Watch Dogs: Legion – Assassin’s Creed Crossover Trailer

What Is The Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed Crossover?

Watch Dogs: Legions latest update, known as Title Update 5.5, will include new modes and an Assassin’s Creed crossover event.

Once the update is live, players will be able to discover new Assassin’s Creed themed content, including:

  • Two new single-player missions
  • Two new world missions
  • New high value character – Darcy
  • New Weapons
  • New Abilities
  • New Gadgets

For further details on all of the new weapons, gadgets, and abilities, check out the full patch notes for the Watch Dogs: Legion August 24 update below.

Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 5.5 – Patch Notes

Below you will find the official Title Update 5.5 patch notes for Watch Dogs: Legion.

Please note that these notes are only for Watch Dogs: Legion and not for Watch Dogs: Legion of The Dead. For the full patch notes for Legion of The Dead please visit the Ubisoft website.

New game modeResistance Mode 
Step into a challenging new way to experience Legion’s campaign, where: 

  • Almost all enemies are Elite and use their special gadget more often 
  • Max ammunition is significantly reduced 
  • Enemies detect you much faster 
  • Albion will detect and recognize DedSec in the open world if you get too close 
  • Albion Checkpoints will detect DedSec and trigger an Albion pursuit 
  • Albion has trapped some Tech Points around London. Collecting “TRAPPED” Tech Points will trigger an Albion pursuit 
  • Tech Tree economy is rebalanced, with the strongest upgrades costing more Tech Points 
  • Albion Pursuits are more difficult, escalate faster, and trigger more often 
  • Enemies are far quicker to call reinforcements and escalate to lethal force 
  • Most abilities, hacks, and gadgets have significantly longer cooldowns 
  • Tube station fast travel is disabled 
  • Health regeneration takes longer to kick in 
  • Explosives cannot be armed with the ‘Trap’ hack. Trigger the “Explode” hack or shoot it when an enemy walks by 
  • Injury and Arrest times are significantly longer 
  • The Infiltrator Spiderbot cannot execute takedowns 
  • Most civilians start out disliking DedSec 
  • Permadeath is always ON 
  • Added an achievement for completing the campaign on Resistance Mode 

You can find more details about Resistance Mode in our dedicated Tea Time with Bagley article.  

New game mode: Invasion 
The fan-favorite Invasion PvP mode is back in Watch Dogs: Legion, and with Play as Anyone it’s been upgraded to the next level.  
As you know from Watch Dogs games, Invaders will attempt to complete the download on Search team members. In Watch Dogs: Legion, Invaders have access to more tools of deception, including the ability to swap to other Operatives in the world to avoid being detected. The Search team will need to use their whole arsenal of weapons, abilities, and tools in the environment, to prevent the download from finishing.  
New game mode: Extraction 
Another addition to TU5.5 is our third PvP mode, Extraction, Watch Dogs: Legion’s take on Capture-The Flag. A 4 player Free-For-All where you obtain crypto drives and race across the city to upload the data, while other players will try to stop you at all costs.  

New crossover event: Assassin’s Creed 

  • Two new single-player missions 
  • Two new world missions. 
  • Season Pass content: New High Value Character – Darcy 

Abilities, Gadget and Weapons

  • Hidden Blade  

The iconic Assassin weapon. Improves melee and perform takedowns from any angle 

  • Eagle Drone 

Scout drone that can self-destruct and can emit a short-range EMP 

  • Assassin Training (Passive) 

Avoid detection for longer while in stealth, and take less weapon damage while sprinting 

  • AR Disguise (Gadget) 

Assume the look of a soldier with access to restricted locations. Also applies to nearby allies in multiplayer 

  • Assassin’s Gun  

A discreet Brotherhood pistol that fires a single high damage shot. Automatically reloads while holstered 

  • Assassin’s Dart Gun 

A concealed dart gun that causes human targets to go berserk. Automatically reloads while holstered.

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