Watch Dogs: Legion Update Today (June 1) - Patch Notes & Legion Of The Dead DLC

The undead are now in Watch Dogs: Legion!

Ubisoft has deployed a brand new update for Watch Dogs: Legion today (June 1) with a whole host of bug fixes and the new Legion of the Dead DLC for PC players.

Although the Legion of The Dead DLC is currently in alpha and only available for those on PC, it will be released for further platforms in the future.

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Watch Dogs: Legion – Story Trailer

Watch Dogs: Legion – Story Trailer

Watch Dogs: Legion – Legion of The Dead DLC

London has fallen and the streets of Watch Dogs: Legion‘s London has been plagued with mindless hoards of the undead.

Legion of The Dead is a brand new standalone mode that is currently in it’s Alpha mode on PC only. According to Ubisoft, the new mode can be accessed via Ubisoft Connect on PC. Players can play the new mode either solo or with a group of friends up to 3 other players. Your mission is to find power-ups and extract from the streets of London which are now infested with Zombies.

You can read more about the new mode on the official Ubisoft website.

Watch Dogs: Legion – June 1st Patch Notes

Check out the full patch notes for the latest Watch Dogs: Legion update on June 1 below. These notes were taken from the official Ubisoft forum.

DedSec, we’re deploying Title Update 4.5 to all platforms today. This patch will bring our second Tactical Op, Project Omni, a new free reward track for the Online mode, as well as more game improvements, 60 FPS performance mode to next-gen consoles and cross-family play on consoles.

The update will be between 16 and 39GB depending on your platform and will be required to play the Online Mode, so make sure you download the patch and restart your game clients.

New Tactical Op: Project Omni

Take on this intense, challenging content with 3 other players. DedSec infiltrates a secret project that is affecting people’s Optik devices throughout the city… only to find out that a mad doctor has been experimenting on people and has merged their brains with a neural network that he controls. He must be stopped.

Quality of Life updates:

  • 60 FPS performance mode for next-gen consoles.
  • Cross-family play is now enabled. Players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, as well as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can now play together within their console family.
  • Added loading screen hints for the HUD customization options.
  • We’ve made several adjustments and optimizations to the start of the Single Player campaign. This will speed up some of the early areas and make it easier for new players to find their footing in our near-future London.

New free Operative:

Helen will join your DedSec ranks on June 15th. She will be a free Operative available through the Premium Store!

Online mode:

  • Season 2: New free reward track for the Online Mode:
    A new reward track is now live for players in the Online Mode. Level up and earn exclusive cosmetics, ETO, Watch Dogs Credits and more!
    • New reward track features 80 ranks of progression.
    • Each influence reward is smaller than in Season 1 (8, vs 10), but overall, the season has significantly more Influence to earn.
    • There are more cosmetic items to be earned compared to Season 1.
    • Updated sound and visual effects when claiming rewards.
  • New Daily Challenges have been added.
  • Greatly expanded the set of Masks that can be found in Hotspots.
  • Ability to profile other players.
    • You are now able to profile other players in your session to view their stats.
  • Slightly reduced overall difficulty of Co-op missions:
    • You now have more time to revive a fallen teammate, increased by +5 seconds.
    • You now have more time to locate the dead bodies in Meltdown, increased by +30 seconds.
    • Increased HP for the backpack in Meltdown & Repossession missions, by +25%.
  • Online mode buttons have received some polish.

Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead – Alpha launches on PC

A new mode has been added to Watch Dogs: Legion for players on PC. Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead will be in alpha for now and you can find detailed information in our dedicated blog here. It is now available for all owners of Watch Dogs: Legion on PC. Players on consoles and cloud platforms will be able to join the test in the future.

There were also a large number of bug fixes for every platform, to see the full list of bug fixes in the new Watch Dogs: Legion update, check out the official forum post here.

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