Watch Dogs: More Info Shared on PS4 Version, Gameplay and Sexual Content; The Delay “Really Made a Difference”

Watch Dogs: More Info Shared on PS4 Version, Gameplay and Sexual Content; The Delay “Really Made a Difference”

The much awaited release date of Watch_Dogs is drawing closer by the day, and the development team is continuing to use Twitter to provide more information to their fans.

Creative Director Jonathan Morin mentioned that the screenshots showcased two days ago in an article on Gamespot were shot on a PS4 dev kit, which is very peculiar, since they include the button layout of an Xbox controller.

Same as the others: PS4 Devkit capture.

I actually asked Morin for a further clarification on this one, as the presence of the Xbox button layout is strange (even if justifiable by the fact that it’s running on a dev kit, I guess), and I’ll update if he responds.

Morin was also asked if the lovely light reflective cobblestone shown in the screenshot below (from a video shown last November) will still be present in the PS4 version of the game, and he confirmed that it will be.


Another question sought a clarification on the rather demanding CPU requirements for the PC version of the game, and Morin responded that while he’s not a programmer so he can’t offer a precise reply, there’s a lot going on in the game, requiring a high density of computations:

I’m no programmer : / so I can’t really answer this one accurately. One thing is sure, there’s a lot going on in WD…

Animation Director Colin Graham joined Morin in answering questions, and gave quite a few pieces of interesting information himself. First of all he mentioned that parkour animations “adapt” to the path chosen by the player:

You pick a path and the animation adapts to that path. Its definatly not scripted… Watch_Dogs is open world.

He also mentioned that there won’t be any upgrading for vehicles in the game, as it’s not needed:

Vehicles don’t really need to be upgraded instead you upgrade your hacking and driving skills…

According to Graham we won’t be able to use Police cars as tools to protect victims (by hacking the computer, I imagine), as Aiden Pierce has other tools for that, but at least we’ll be able to run the sirens.

He was also asked how much sexual content is included in the game. The question specifically mentioned whether the user would need to lower the volume of the TV or not, and Graham gave a rather tongue-in-cheek answer:

I guess that depends on your living arrangements… but probably the loud gunfire and explosions will be more disruptive…

Finally, Graham shared that the extra months spent on development thanks to the delay really made a difference:

The extra months really make a difference, we are glad we did, because the game is so much fun to play.

If that isn’t enough, he also revealed that he’s flying to Paris for another presentation of the game, even if what is going to be shown there is a secret. Tt least we know that it’s happening, and we can expect to see or read something new soon.