Watch Dogs PS4 and PC Both “Good Choices;” Making the Game Fun after 100%: “an Obsession”

Watch Dogs PS4 and PC Both “Good Choices;” Making the Game Fun after 100%: “an Obsession”

The Watch_Dogs gameplay showcased at E3 2013 was quite impressive. So impressive that many wondered if it actually showcased actual console footage. Creative Director Jonathan Morin clarified on Twitter that it was indeed at lease representative of the PS4 version, while the E3 2012 version was on a high-end PC.

E3 2012 was on High-End PC as we said… Should answer your question… : )

I said PC = E3 2012 & PS4 = E3 2013.

Asked what platform between PC and PS4 would be the best for the game, Morin remained neutral:

Great question, really both are a good choice at this point.

Morin was also asked if the game is still fun after reaching 100% completion, also explaining that for some of the infinite missions (he had previously mentioned potential crimes as an example) a finite number was defined to the purpose of calculating the percentage of completion.

YES that was an obsession for us. In fact I am attempting the 100% myself right now. In fact even at 100% there’s still new stuff.

This is because some of the stuff are infinite so we defined a number for the 100% mark but it continues after.

Watch_Dogs promises to be a truly massive game, with content to spare, which is kind of a rarity nowadays. As a completionist, I’m quite sure I’ll take my time to reach as close as possible to that 100%. Ubisoft’s virtual Chicago seems to be a hell of an amusement park anyway.

Update: Morin also answered a question about the Xbox One version, calling it “identical” to the PS4 version besides the exclusive content and resolution. He mentioned that the team hasn’t finalized resolution yet.

We are not fully done with res so not sure where you got your info.

But to answer the none res part of your question. Same density, same content, identical game (aside of 60min exclusive content).