Watch Double Fine Play The Lion King With The Original Creators of The Lion King

on December 23, 2014 6:07 PM

This brings back memories. Sit a while and watch Double Fine play Aladdin and The Lion King with the original developers.

‘Devs Play’ takes a different approach to the popular ‘Let’s Play’ videos that have taken the internet by storm by playing classic videogames with the folks who actually made them. This episode has Greg Rice from Double Fine sitting with Louis Castle from Westwood Studios playing through the entirety of The Lion King.

There’s a reason they start the video by playing Aladdin but you can skip ahead to around the 13 minute mark to see some The Lion King being played.

IF you want to see more of these here’s what Double Fine has planned in the current release schedule:

12/23 – The Lion King
12/30 – Earthbound (The Mother Trilogy)
1/6 – Gauntlet DS [featuring Mike Mika]
1/13 – The Legend of Zelda
1/20 – Doom [featuring John Romero]
1/27 – Psychonauts [featuring Tim Schafer + members of the original team]

That’s right, Doom‘s John Romero will be there. I can’t wait to check out that out.

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