Watch EverQuest Next Developers Talk About AI and Life of Consequence In New Video

September 30, 2014

EverQuest Next is brimming with potential to be the ‘next big thing’ and a new video from the developers is making a good case for it with their focus on AI. The video is just under 30 minutes long, so come prepared with a drink and some snacks before you settle in to watch it.

While the developers talked about how individual NPCs have different motives and act differently in their own life. What is really cool though is how they highlighted that tradition quest hubs do not exist because events are always happening around the world dynamically.

This dynamic change in the game world isn’t directly akin to Guild Wars 2 or Rift, with semi-randomized events occurring to prompt players into action (though these do exist in the form of Rallying Calls). Rather, it is more reminiscent of how Planetside 2, another SOE game, works with the world split into territories that can be influenced by players decisions and alter NPC ambitions. Dark Elves may want to create a stronghold and before spreading their influence by conquering nearby land before switching their focus to amassing magic with the players help. You can even mess with these ambitions by helping another faction like Driads or Kobolds.


What is even cooler is that these events can have a trickle effect to set other events into motion. Helping the Dark Elves spread their influence into Driad territory, for example, leads to ancient spirits waking up due to the Driads no longer using their magic to contain them and create a new event for players to tackle. It’s very interesting to watch in simulation and hopefully is compelling enough to push players to constantly be involved with the world.

You can checkout the video in its entirety below. EverQuest Next is set to release on PS4 and PC at a yet to be determined date in the near future.

Andrew Matt

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