Watch Gravity Rush 2 and Danganronpa V3’s Developers Play Each Other’s Games and Much More

Watch Gravity Rush 2 and Danganronpa V3’s Developers Play Each Other’s Games and Much More

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia celebrated Christmas with Gravity Rush 2 and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, with a broadcast starring Gravity Rush 2 Director Keiichiro Toyama and Producer Makoto Isomine, and Danganronpa V3 Director Takashi Sasaki, Writer Kazutaka Kodaka, and Producer  Yoshinori Terasawa. The broadcast was hosted by Sony’s PR yasuhiro Kitao and Danganronpa V3 voice actress (and former AKB48 member) Haruka Ishida. In the game she plays ultimate inventor Miu Iruma.

The show, of which you can see a full recording at the bottom of the post, included several interesting elements.

First of all, we got to listen to quite a few tracks from Danganronpa V3, merged in the Danganronpa V3: Happy Holiday Mix, starting at the 00:05:00 mark.

Following, we got to view once more the Gravity Rush 2 live performance from Tokyo Game Show, featuring lovely music from the game. This can be found at the 00:30:56 mark.

Between them, at 29:50, you can see the games’ developers engaging in the beloved Japanese Christmas Tradition of dining with Kentucky Fried Chicken. You probably think I’m joking, but I’m not. It is a Christmas tradition in Japan.

At 02:21:13, you can see Sasaki-san playing the demo of Gravity Rush 2, while at 02:27:30 it’s Toyama-san’s turn to return the favor playing the demo of Danganronpa V3.

At 02:57:10, we get a glimpse at the Kat Figma figure in the works at Max Factory. One for Raven is also planned.

At3:02:40, it’s time for some Danganronpa V3 goodies, with a first look on the Collector’s Edition box, the limited edition PS4 and PS Vita, a PS Vita case and some adorable Monokuma & Cubs glass decorations.

Gravity Rush 2 Releases on January 18th in Europe, January 19th in Japan, and January 20th in North America exclusively PS4, and the demo is currently available on both the North American and European PlayStation Stores.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony will be released in Japan on January 12th, with a western release to follow, courtesy of NIS America for PS4 and PS Vita. The demo is currently available exclusively on the Japanese PlayStation Store, and if you need a Japanese PSN account to download it, you can follow our handy guide.