Watch Hello Games’ Journey to Make the Ambitious No Man’s Sky

on June 27, 2014 2:52 PM

One of the most talked about games from this year’s E3 was No Man’s Sky. Ever since it was unveiled to the world last year during the VGX awards, people have wanted to know more about this game. In this latest video from PlayStation’s YouTube channel, Hello Games’ Sean Murray tells us about how this ambitious game came to be and some of the struggles his studio went through while making it.

No Man’s Sky features a procedurally generated “open-universe” world. Technically it’s more like “open-galaxy” but the point is that you will be able to travel from the surface of a planet and fly off into space seamlessly with no load screens. Players will start out on different planets on the outer skirts of the galaxy and their ultimate goal will be to reach the center. Getting there will not be easy as the galaxy is full of danger. In order to reach their goal, gamers will have to upgrade their ships and team up with others.

What strikes me most about the game is exactly what Sean mentions in this video. This game feels like the sci-fi stories that many of us have read in our youths. Sci-fi, real sci-fi, is about a certain feeling of experiencing something unknown. This game is all about that and just from the trailers we’ve seen, you can tell that it captures that spirit. The game even has the sort of color palette from sci-fi books of the 1950s and sci-fi movies from the 1970s.

This is definitely a game to keep a look out for. It has the potential to really shake things up in the game industry.

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