Watch How Cupid’s Helpers get Classmates to Fall in Love in New Kokurase Trailer

on October 19, 2016 12:29 AM

Degica Games launched a trailer for the NicoNico Indie Game Festival Winner Kokurase Episode 1, coming free-to-play on PC-via Steam on November 3.

The trailer details how players will need to take control of the four members of the Kokurase gang, who also go by Cupid’s Helpers, and help a fellow classmates, Sakura and Yoshimitsu, get together.

The publisher details episode 1’s story further:

Switch between Genji the leader, the newest member of the crew, Riho, the mysterious Meg, and Kanta, the supernatural sleuth, to bring these two lovebirds together in an intertwining tale.

The game begins with Sakura pining for Yoshimitsu to notice her, which catches the ear of Riho and the gang, who quickly make contact and begin to draw up plans to bring the two together. Days of preparation pass culminating in a gambit to bring the freshman and junior together, requiring the player to execute a series of intricate tasks involving all characters.


  • A Visual Novel in RPGmaker
  • Beautiful art by an illustrator Doromizu
  • Full of humor
  • Cast of quirky protagonists
  • Take control of multiple characters to advance the plot
  • Use Key Phrases to progress conversations
  • Explore a High School campus
  • Speech Puzzles
  • Teenage, Highschooler angst

Additional episodes will release as DLC in the future.

You can watch the trailer below:

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