Watch How the Power of the PS4 Improved Tearaway Unfolded in 20 Minutes of Charming Gameplay Video

on September 29, 2014 8:48 AM

Media Molecule charmed everyone at Gamescom with Tearaway Unfolded, and yesterday they had a developer session at EGX 2014 in which they shown a large chunk of absolutely charming gameplay and explained how the power of the PS4 and its controller allowed them to radically expand and improve.

  • Maple Field is 50% larger than it was on PS Vita, there’s a lot of extra detail and more scenery.
  • Customization of the world that gradually builds up is something Media Molecule is pushing on PS4.
  • The game is 1080p, 60 FPS but it’s not just the power of the console that creates the experience, but also the DualShock 4.
  • You can throw items out of the screen and into your DualShock 4. If you shake the controller you’ll hear the noise, and the color of the lightbar will change.
  • A lot has been done with physics, with items being thrown around and have a more dramatic effects.
  • The developers are considering other things like playing with the volume or switching the channel, to give the sense of a game being played inside a TV.
  • The touch pad controls the drum pads, pushing and releasing to activate them. You can also open trap doors.
  • There are many more objects on the screen.
  • swiping on the touch pad can send gusts of wind into the world, pushing enemies off balance.
  • There are new side areas of content basically everywhere through the adventure.
  • The story is close to the Vita version, but the way you interact with the environment is very different.
  • You can shine the light of the DualShock 4 into the world to light up dark areas. Animations have been added for creatures to react to it in different ways.
  • The camera is not required, but Media Molecule hopes gamers will use it to add pictures.
  • The Barn level is much longer, and the final part is dark and spooky.You can light candles with the light bar of the DualShock 4.
  • Media Molecule is playing with the idea of letting you customize the voice of the pumpkin character with the microphone, but they’re playing with the idea of a “casting” system with which you can influence the voices without a mic.
  • The power of the PS4 has been used to make the ocean feel really powerful with wind and wave effects.
  • The draw distance is greater, with a depth of field effect.
  • The paper plane can be steered with the sticks, but also be controlled with the wind through swipes on the touch pad.
  • The Harbor is twice as big as the Vita version, and there are a lot more back alleys to explore and side challenges to do.
  • The controller can hold only one item because Media Molecule wanted to make it immediate instead of having a menu to select them.
  • Media Molecule is experimenting with ways to transfer your content from PS Vita to PS4 in some way, but they aren’t ready to share how it’ll work. They want to add some extra bonuses to reward those that played the game on the PS Vita.
  • The developers are experiment with some co-operative elements, letting a second player join in and for instance control the wind, but this isn’t finalized.
  • Development on Tearaway Unfolded shouldn’t take much longer.
  • Tearaway 2 on PS Vita: “Maybe.” A lot of effort has been made on the Paper Engine, so Media Molecule would like to use it more, but for now they’re focusing on Tearaway Unfolded.

And that’s it. Below you can check out the video of the panel, including all the gameplay. Personally, I can’t wait. Tearaway was absolutely lovely, and its big brother seems well positioned to charm me again.

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