Watch Live-Streamers Take on The Capital Wasteland in Twitch Plays Fallout 3

on September 21, 2015 10:29 AM

Ever since last year’s social media craze in “Twitch Plays Pokemon,” Twitch users on the “Twitch Plays” channel have been taking on all sorts of gaming challenges, most recently in taking on the challenging Dark Souls, but now Twitch users are heading over to the Capital Wasteland of Fallout 3 for a new Twitch Plays series.

Following previous Twitch Plays experiments such as the Pokemon and Halo series, a new crowd-sourced Twitch project has emerged in the form of “Twitch Plays Fallout 3,” where users input commands in a turn-based order through the Twitch chat – hilarity (of course) ensues, though after taking on some oppressive challenges in Dark Souls its possible Fallout 3 can be accomplished by the Twitch crowd.

You can check out the livestream of Fallout 3 below to see how Twitch fares against the nuclear wasteland…and Deathclaws *shudders* and maybe being your prep for Fallout 4 this November:

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